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What types of windows do you offer?

When it comes to deciding which products to carry we have a luxury that many companies do not have.  We've become one of the largest window companies in the country which means we can offer anything we want.  Many manufacturers will only offer their products to larger window dealers like us.  Most of the small companies don't have too many choices which is why they still offer products designed 10+ years ago. 

Would you pay a new car price for a car designed 10 years ago?  We wouldn't and we don't suggest that you do either. 

Every manufacturer wants us to carry their products which means we have the opportunity to offer some of the very best windows around.  We're currently offering 9 models from 2 brands.  Every one of them are completely custom made for you.  There are 130 energy efficient glass options, 78 color combinations and an endless number of sizes and styles to choose from.  We have an option for (almost) everyone. 

When you get your free online quote we'll send you over a recommendation or two to try to keep things simple.  If you'd like to look at any more options just let us know.  We offer just about every style and option out there.  If you haven't requested your quote and price list yet you can do that here

Window Universe Vinyl Replacement Window Cutaway Features


Here are some basic features that will come with almost every window model we offer.  There are always upgrades, but these are the basics.

1. Built for lasting performance using virgin vinyl (PVC) resin; solid vinyl color won't chip, peel, crack or warp.


2. Multi-chambered sash and main frame provide insulating air spaces for increased thermal efficiency.


3. Insulated glass unit with sealed air space between the panes of glass helps reduce transfer of heat and cold.


4. Warm Edge Spacer System saves energy by reducing the conduction of heat at the edge of glass for superior thermal performance and longevity.

Super Spacer, SustainaView, ThermD and

triple pane glass options are also available!

5. Interlock at reinforced sash meeting rails offers increased insulation, comfort and security.


6. Bulb seal at meeting rail enhances energy efficiency.


7. Drop-in glazing provides added protection from outside elements.


8. Easy-to-operate fully extruded lift rail.


9. Sloped sill prevents accumulation of water and debris.


10. Hidden screen track creates a clean-line appearance.


11. Protective bulb seal at sill helps block out dust, dirt and air infiltration.


And if that isn't enough, you also get these additional features:

  • Fusion-welded sash and main frame for strength and rigidity. 

  • Full balance covers for reduced air infiltration while adding a finished look to the window frame. 

  • Double-barrier fin seal weather stripping at the sash sides helps block air, water and dirt infiltration.

  • Beveled exterior profile creates a handsome appearance. 

  • Half screens are standard; optional full screens available.

  • 0.04 air infiltration rate on most double hung models, 0.01 on casements!


So far so good, but can I get the windows in colors other than white?

Great question.  We've recently introduced our Designer's Collection to add new interior and exterior color options.  We're sure to have an option that matches your style.

Many exterior window colors available

Many interior replacement window colors to choose from as well!


With over 78 color combinations available we've got you covered!


Can I see what the different types of windows actually look like? window design studio custom

You sure can.  Take a look through our interactive window design program to try different styles and colors. 


The windows can be customized just about any way you like.  You can change the window type and the configuration.  You can try different style and color options to get a feel for how they will look in your home.  You can even change the color of the walls and the floor to give yourself the complete picture. 




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Okay the windows look good, but what kind of installation can I expect?

You can expect very professional courteous installers that take the time to do the job right.  All of our projects are installed by the manufacturer so you can be sure everything will be taken care of. It's like taking your car to the dealer for service vs the corner mechanic.  The guy on the corner might do fine work, but it's not the same as going to the dealer.  You can find more information on our installation process here


In addition, our installation package includes Custom Exterior Trim (also called capping or wrapping) when applicable.  This is something that many companies charge extra for (even though they don't include the extra charges in their ads).  It will protect your wood trim and give your new windows a very complete look with a maintenance free finish.


Please let us know when you're ready to get started.  We'll be happy to help!


"This was about the best experience with a home improvement project that I've ever had.  Thanks!" 

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Residential Windows     Apartment & Condo Projects     Installation Process


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