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The Window Universe Installation Process

Picking great windows is half the battle and the other half is getting a great installation.  That's where our offering really shines.

All of our projects in the Portland area are professionally measured and installed by the manufacturer.  That means your windows will be designed, measured, manufactured, installed and serviced by the same company.  Here's Dave installing a beautiful new bay window.

The very best part about this is that there is absolutely no opportunity for finger pointing if there were an issue that needed to be addressed.  The window manufacturer is a billion dollar company with a 70 year history in the building products business.  The odds are pretty good that they'll be around for a very long time.


How does this compare to an independent installation company?

It's a lot different.  We know there are other companies around with great reviews.  We're not the only company that provides good service. That's absolutely true. 

The difference is that we're offering a much more stable program.  With a billion dollar company there are substantial resources and many people to make sure things go just right and any issues are addressed.

An independent installation company is typically very dependant on one or two responsible people.  If those folks were to quit or get hurt or retire or go out of business you'll be out of luck.  They could have great reviews for years and close their doors tomorrow.  Unfortunately it happens all the time. 

With our program you're buying from Window Universe, one of the largest window dealers in the country.  Both your windows and your installation are backed by one of the largest manufacturers of replacement windows in the country.  If one person were to quit or retire there are a hundred people standing behind them to make sure things get taken care of.


I have more questions about this.  How do I ask them?

We love questions and we have the answer to everything.  I bet you lunch you can't stump us!  The first step is to fill out the form on this page to get your free online quote.  We'll be in touch with pricing and product info along with more detail on how this works. 

If the info we send over info doesn't answer your questions you can reply to us there and we'll get you any information you could possibly want.  We love making this easy. 



"The process was easy from start to finish.  This company is capable of handling a 200+ window project and making things easy." 

Replacement Windows for Apartment Buildings   -  Jeff


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Residential Windows     Apartment & Condo Projects     Installation Process


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